Meet 'Tonia Jones 

Latonia Jones is an experienced and trusted voice in business. Although ‘Tonia, as her family and friends call her,  was the youngest of her siblings she was always a leader. Being successful was embedded in her by her strong spiritual upbringing. Her values taught her to always give back more than what you receive and you will reap a greater reward.  

Tonia is known as a subject matter expert in the area of Federal Acquisition Regulations and compliance of Department of Defense regulations and has gained respect in that community.

Tonia has the ability to relate to individuals, corporations, and nonprofits. Graduating from Alabama A&M University with a degree in Business Management and a concentration in Logistics and Procurement.

Ms. Jones has received several awards and accolades for her expertise such as: Outstanding Navy Civilian Award, Top 50 Women in Power Award and she was also featured in the Minority Enterprise Advocate magazine as the “Power Player”.

Tonia’s advice is that if you are fearful, then “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”!

Phenomenon with 'Tonia

Phenomenon is show that is about the discovery and the journey of unlocking the real you: what you were meant to do and how you were meant to live. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!

Show 15 - Phenomenal Author
Join 'Tonia and her guest Catherine Knowles, author of "The Doughnut Tree". Catherine is a native of Huntsville, Alabama and she gives insight into why she wrote the book and why she dedicated it to an African-American male.

Show 14 - Phenomenal Fathers
Join 'Tonia as she talks fatherhood with Norris Thomas, motivational speaker and author of "In His Image: Fatherless to Fatherhood"

Show 13 - Phenomenal Mentor
Join 'Tonia this week as she talk to her wise and trusted mentor, Dr. Chance M. Glenn, Sr. They discuss a variety of topics that will compel to feel the fear and do it anyway!

Show 12 - Creating a Circle of Success!
This week Tonia interviews Tom Rumph, President and CEO of Rumph and Associates.  Listen as they talk about the formula for getting results and how surrounding yourself with phenomenal people brings success.
Show 11 - Phenomenal Image!
Join 'Tonia as she speaks with the Image Engineer CeeCee Crutcher, owner of CeeCee and Co. about why image is so important.

Show 10 - The Phenomenal You
'Tonia sits down with Jesse Self, the founder of Bigg Health Management, to talk health.  Listen in as they talk about creating a better you from the ground up.

Show 9 - Taking Risks
Do you have what it takes to be a consultant? Join Tonia has she discusses with Bill Kauffman, the founder of Project Services of Georgia (PSOG), risk and how to mitigate risk when launching out on your own.

Show 8 - The Tests of Success
This week 'Tonia talks to super connector and Jedi networker Rich Ortiz. They talked about what it really means to be successful.

Show 7 - Living Debt Free
This week 'Tonia talks to Nakeetsha Dryer the author of You Can Be Free: The Remedy to Your Debt Starts with You. They talk about managing business and personal finances.

Show 6 - Building Relationships
This week 'Tonia talks to the COO of LESCO, Miranda Miller. They discuss the importance of relationships and transitioning from one career to another.

Show 5 - Legacies
This week 'Tonia welcomes welcomes the first African-American Command Sergeant Major of the State of Georgia, James Nelson, Jr. Listen as they talk about leaving a legacy and moving forward.
Show 4 - Strategies
This week 'Tonia welcomes business and strategy consultant Rodney Pennywell to talk about how to invoke strategic values into the building of a successful career or company.

Show 3 - Leadership
Show 3 - Leadership - This week 'Tonia welcomes Dr. Kreslyn into the studio as they talk about leadership and what it takes to build a phenomenal leader. 

Show 2 - FOCUS!
This week 'Tonia discusses some of the elements needed to go through the Phenomenon experience. She gets real talking about her struggles and the demise of her business.

Show 1 - What is the Phenomenon Experience?
'Tonia discusses going through the Phenomenon experience.  She shares her own Phenomenon experience with you and sets the stage for the next series of shows.

Phenomenon Promo
'Tonia describes the purpose behind her new podcast. 'Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!'